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Library Board of Trustees

The library is governed by a board of trustees.  Trustees serve without pay. The board approves the library budget and polices.  To contact the trustees, send a letter to the library in care of the Trustees. 

Officers & Trustees

Erin Pisano, At Large - President

Vince DiStasi, Grove City Borough - Vice President

Stacy Bluedorn, Grove City Borough - Treasurer

Heather Leskanic, Wolf Creek Township - Secretary


David Kershaw, Grove City Borough - Trustee              

Liz Kingsley, Springfield Township - Trustee

Carla Ligo, Pine Township - Trustee 

George Pokrant, Liberty Township - Trustee

Meghann Rigney, Friends of the Library - Trustee       

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held at the Community Library at 6:30  p.m. the second Wednesday most months.

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