Homework Help Web Sites!

Art and Music

Find works of art online and artist biographies.

Provides fun activities, online exhibits featuring various themes and cultures, and a timeline of art history.

Includes links on various aspects and genres of music.

Guided online exhibits for kids from the National Gallery of Art.


 Biographical information about individuals that helped shape American.

Photographic images and biographical data on individuals by area where they achieved notoriety.

Short biographies of notable African Americans in alphabetical order.

Alphabetic index of notable women.


Provides links to all categories of homework sites.

For sign language learners of all ages

Offers more than 800 links to subjedt material ranging from art to social studies.

Learn to type with the BBC.

Provides a list of the 20 of the best Internet resources for kids – the kind where tots and even tweens can spend hours expanding their knowledge, honing their creative and cognitive skills, and picking up nuggets of wisdom that will help them develop into capable young men and women.

This site suggests 30 websites for kids that feature games and activities that are stimulating and enjoyable.

Easy to use graphic reference site.

Provides themed links according to most school curriculums.

 Exhaustive list of education links including a homework help section.

Search for web sites by subject or simply click on the subject categories.

Language Arts

An automatic bibliography & citation maker.  MLA style is free!

Definitions for your vocabulary words and also a useful thesaurus and rhyming dictionary.

Find examples and explanations of various writing topics, including grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Learn about authors, read children's writings, and start  your own writing.

Writing tips about sentences, paragraphs and essays.


Offering interactive practice, lessons and games, searchable by grade and math topic.

"An amusement park of math designed for fun!"

Features helpful videos on basic mathmatics.

Brain teasers and find problem solving tips.

Includes a variety of aspects of math.

Covers pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and pre-calculus

Free tutorials, quizzes and worksheets.

Covers K-8 math, general math, Algebra, Trig & Calculus.


Articles, quizzes, and videos about health, nutrition, and fitness.

Learn about food, fun, and fitness.

Designed to give kids age 9-13 the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Activities that encourage kids to get moving and exercise more.

Learn about the foods you should eat.

 Learn healthy eating habits.

Science & Technology

Information on famous inventors.

Over 500 science fair project ideas sorted by area of science.

Learn about reactions, elements, atoms, etc.

Learn about the origins of life, classification, animal kingdoms, and human biology.

Information on plate tectonics, geologic time, biomes and other earth-related topics.

Learn energy facts, energy history, and play some games.

Find out what it is, how to save it, and its history.

Learn about how all kinds of stuff works-from batteries to money to toys.

Explore dinosaurs.

Learn about the natural world with stories, games, and activities.

Provides the steps in the scientific process along with researching science fair project ideas.

Visit the Science Fair Studio for a Handbook outlining everything you need to know about creating a science project.

Provides websites that take you through all of the steps of creating a good science fair project.

Provides the sections for a science project, as well as display tips.

Provides links to resources that will help parents and caregivers find information on best practices regarding technology use with young children in the home.

Social Studies

Information on the branches of government, how laws are made and the election process – just choose your grade level.

Information on geographical, cultural, governmental and historical information about the countries of the world.

Provides information on important events and discoveries of the 20th century.

Learn facts and trivia about each state.

Provides links to useful information on a variety of social studies topics.

Read about current events in the nation and the world.

Wikipedia for Schools: Online encyclopedia site offering thousands of articles that have been individually checked for accuracy and appropriateness.

Online Databases for Kids!

Contact the library and ask for the POWER Library Code to access these databases.

Provides access to newspapers, magazines and government documents.

Provides access to more than 500,000 current and historical photographs and graphics

125 West Main Street  Grove City, PA 16127  Phone: 724-458-7320  Fax: 724-458-7332  Email:  gccl@grovecitypalibrary.org


Provides access to reliable information on thousands of topics covering a wide range of subjects.

Designed for elementary school students, Primary Search: Main Edition provides full-text access to popular magazines for elementary school research.